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How to Make Sure Your Dog Is Ready For Its Next Party

How to Make Sure Your Dog Is Ready For Its Next Party

With holidays and parties always beckoning, you are likely to receive more guests than usual. Whether you are hosting guests for Christmas or a cocktail party, making sure your dog is ready for the party can be stressful. Before you plan your party, here are a few ideas to help you out.

Instill Good Dinner Habits

The first step towards preparing your dog is to teach them good habits. While teaching these lessons may take long, it will be worth it, especially if you start seeing results.

Basically, your dog should learn how to lay down and remain calm. You can achieve this by working on mat training or teaching them the go-to bed command.

Consider Safety

While keeping your dog safe during the holidays can be difficult, you can achieve this by constantly checking your dog during the party. If you want to give him table food, make sure they are not taking anything dangerous.

Clean Your Dog

Make sure to clean your dog before starting to receive guests. You need to give them good brushing, so you don’t leave any dirt or hair on their body. If you are looking for a solution to rid your dog of fleas and ticks, you can try it out here.

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Stop Giving Food From the Table

Did you know that people’s food is not suitable for dogs? In fact, some can even be dangerous. Instead of feeding the dog from the table, consider offering dog food in moderation.

Like humans, dogs work with what they’ve learned. If they are trained to hang around the dinner tables, that’s what they’ll do.

Guide The Guests

Like the dog, your guests are also likely to cause stress during parties. While some may play around with the dog, others may try to feed them dangerous human food. So make sure you give your visitors some guidelines as they arrive or before the party.

Since some people don’t adore dogs, you need to consider this to ensure they are comfortable. If you realize that your dog is overwhelmed, then it’s time to take them away.

Know Your Schedule

To keep your dog secure and confident, you need to preserve your schedule. When planning for your party, ensure that your dog’s schedule is not affected. This means feeding the mat at the same time and walking him at the same time.

While a little disruption is not bad with the dog, make sure his schedule is smooth. This way, you can avoid confusion and set him up for success.

Keep Him Calm

In case your visitors start getting boisterous during their party, you need to consider the dog. Since most dogs are afraid of loud noises, you need to remove them if you notice they are frightened.

Failure to do this may make them afraid of loud noises as they get older.

Practice The Dog’s Command

If you haven’t been practicing your dog’s command, it’s important to add it to your daily routine. Before the guests arrive, make sure your dog is confident enough. You can start by training him on patience before teaching him how to remain calm before the party.

If you need to give your dog a chance to brush up on his skills, call us to set up a few days of our Day Academy so that we can work with him.

Meet and Greet The Guest Together

Whether your dog is well behaved or not, it’s important to arrange for a meet and greet time with your guests. This will help you go through the guidelines and give your dog a chance to inspect and sniff all the guests coming to your home.

It’s best if you conduct these outdoors while making sure you consider the dog’s needs.

Exercise the Dog

Before your guests arrive, it’s important to get your dog moving by taking them for a walk or playing games. By exercising him, you’ll make them tired and calm. This way, he’ll just disappear and take a nap once the greeting is over.

Muzzle The Dog If Need Be
Since not all dogs will behave well, there is nothing wrong with muzzling them. You can rest assured that they won’t bite by muzzling the dog. Before doing anything, make sure you opt for a safe muzzle.


Ultimately, it’s important to note that every dog, owner, and the party is unique. As the owner, you need to train your dog, keep them calm and guide your guests on how to interact with them. By embracing these tips, you are likely to enjoy a fantastic party with your guests and dog.