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The Vanishing Game by William Boyd

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Land Rover: The Vanishing Game

The marketing campaign set up to promote the game that disappears to be etched onto the hearts of the fans is creating massive waves in the market.

The vanishing game : Hardy boys adventures

A first of its kind interactive novel written by acclaimed author William Boyd featuring 90 minutes of narration, video, imagery, and reactive audio.

Digital Novel

A suspenseful drive from London to Scotland is covered in this full-length online thriller, the story of Alec Dunbar.


The drive through the countries takes the viewers on a mindful journey through the various cultures the car grazes off.

Adventure Story

Peruse the words forming the adventure and set sail on this trip that infuses your life with several memorable moments.

What was the purpose of the project?

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The snippets of driving journeys by Land Rover owners are designed to generate the idyllic image for one of the best cars in the world.
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As the engines are revving for the next drive, every comment adds up to make the new stories seamless and engaging.
This is the perfect place for anyone to learn about the car and its features that come to play only when on the road.
Ian K. Shriver
Creative projects such as these have always blown my mind away, and this is no different in showing what they intended to.
Monica I. Naquin
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What is The Best Racing Game for PS4?

playing Gran Turismo Sport on PlayStation 4 Pro with steering wheel

Racing games are a favorite among video gamers. And when it comes to the racing genre, the PlayStation brand of consoles steals the show. With that being said, the PlayStation 4 is arguably the best gaming console today after the PS2.

The PS4 hosts every type of racing game that is from realistic racing experiences with its physics engine, incredible car details, and other features. Boys love playing racing games, and a PS4 can be an atemberaubendes Geschenk für 12 Jährigen Jungen!

The sim racing games in PS4 offer some of the best immersive driving experiences there are. Given below is a list of some of the best racing games on PS4.

Best Racing Games for PS4

1. Gran Turismo Sport

The Gran Turismo is the flagship racing game in PS4 that offers the best experience of playing a sim racing game. The game offers its players over 150 cars with 54 different racing layouts. Its immersive audio and 4K resolution graphics will make you forget that you are on your sofa!

The games come with a robust level of accessibility features and customizations, allowing you to learn everything necessary. It is a great pick for both beginners and advanced gamers.

2. Project Cars 3

Racing enthusiasts love this latest entry in the Project Cars series. It offers over 120 tracks and a plethora of customizable cars that players can choose from. The recent instalment is very different from its predecessors, with more layouts and customization options.

However, players loved the way the handling has improved in this version.

3. Gravel

Gravel offers a different kind of racing thrill in the racing game genre. As the name suggests, the game captures off-road racing on four different disciplines. All four disciplines- The Cross Country, Stadium Circuit, Speed Cross and Wild Rush, comes with their unique set of challenges.

Players get to play on real-world tracks from Europe to America in Speed Cross. The natural obstacles and unique environment will put your off-roading skills to the test.

4. F12020

The F12020 is the official game of the Formula One World Championship. For most of us, playing this game is the closest we can get to experiencing racing like a Formula One car driver. The game features all F1 drivers and official teams.

The racing in F12020 is much better, setting the benchmark for other racing games. The handling is more responsive than its predecessors. The handles change quickly if a wing is damaged or a tire is degraded. The overall experience gives an authentic driving experience.

5. Dirt Rally 2.0

The Dirt Rally 2.0 secures its spot as the premier rally simulator of the modern era. Beginners may struggle to get a hold of the game initially. What stands out in Dirt Rally 2.0 are the stages of the game- they are the best looking in the series to date. They resemble real-life rally locations.

Each of the six countries represented in the game is very distinct from each other. The low-speed handling and the driving dynamics have drastically changed. The game is designed for serious revheads.

6. Assetto Corsa

Fans of racing sims enjoy the intoxicating pleasure of driving through the Assetto Corsa. One of the most realistic racing games, Assetto Corsa offers a large variety of excellent-looking cars. It features unique and accurate handling with a great range of tracks to drive in.

The graphics may not be as expected of a racing sim game. However, Assetto Corso remains one of the driving and racing sim games today.


Racing games in PS4 tops the list when it comes to the visuals, realistic experience, engine audio, updated user interface, and so on.  The above-mentioned list contains some of the best PS4 racing games you can gift someone or buy for yourself.

The Marketing of Online Video Games

guy playing video games

Knowing about video game marketing is important not only for those who are specifically dedicated to this activity but also for every online advertiser because it is a field that is undoubtedly at the forefront in terms of applying new technologies to the marketing service.

Online video game developers are experts in capturing the user’s interest during the game sessions, as well as in the art of making his return so that the link with the brand is prolonged. In other words, they work on both attention and memory, and the level of engagement they obtain with players is surprising. No other business model manages to involve its users or customers so much as to make them dedicate several hours of their lives to it, with daily assiduity.

Video games for all ages

One of the aspects that makes certain video games a success and that we cannot fail to mention is the fact that they manage to cover a very wide age range. Back in the days young children were playing outside with their friends, entertaining themselves for hours and hours swinging at a houten schommel for example. Nowadays, it is increasingly common for children and teenagers to play video games for days straight.

Adults too, have the habit of playing online, either from the PC, mobile, or console, which goes hand in hand with the phenomenon of the emergence of the kidults market: adults who show consumption that was once considered exclusive to children. The result is that not only a very broad clientele is obtained, but the product has the possibility of being perpetuated transgenerationally.

Young girl playing game on smartphone


Video game marketing – How do they do marketing?

Some of the success factors of today’s video games, which can be applied to all kinds of online advertising actions, are the following:


By definition, every game is interactive: the user has the possibility to make decisions and each of those decisions has an immediate effect. Interactivity is so effective in maintaining attention that it is increasingly used in successful advertising campaigns for all kinds of products and services. Just to mention two examples, remember the Google logos that consisted of small video games, or the YouTube video campaigns Deliver me to Hell and A hunter shoots a bear. This trend is known as gamification.


A satisfactory experience in a gaming session may not be enough for a user to return every so often to play again. And as we mentioned in our article on remarketing, the general public requires several contacts with the brand before making a purchase. Therefore, it is essential to create and maintain communication channels with those who have already had some contact with the game to “remind” them to come back.

An exemplary case is that of Facebook games: the achievements of our friends in the game become instant notifications that continuously invite us to the game and encourage us to participate again.


No self-respecting online game lacks the social aspect, as it encourages virality (attracting new users) and stimulates competition. Many return to a game either to catch up and beat a competitor or because they have been beaten by a competitor. Nowadays, many Facebook games include inviting new players as a prerequisite to advance, something that is known as “multilevel marketing”, “network marketing” or “referral marketing”, a model that has never been as effective as in these cases.


In order to trap the player, many online video games use “experience marketing”: they provide free extra content with no other purpose than to involve us in the culture and mystique of the brand. This is why they are usually accompanied by a story or script, even when they are not necessary for the dynamics of the game.

The construction of characters with life stories also contributes to producing empathy. But content can go beyond that and be literally anything: wallpapers, music tracks, animations, comics, video clips, and so on, which extend and reinforce the brand identity. They should be distinguished from merchandising in that they do not constitute a business in themselves.